2014 AIM Resolutions

Spectra Algonquin Resolutions passed by Putnam County May 6, July 1 and August 5, 2014

Spectra AIM Resolution passed by Westchester County August 4, 2014

Rockland County resolution passed September 17, 2014 

Philipstown Spectra Algonquin Resolution passed August 7, 2014

City of Peekskill Common Council: Resolution to Ensure Public Safety and Health Regarding Spectra Energy’s Gas Pipeline Expansion Project August 11, 2014

Cortlandt Spectra Resolution passed August 12, 2014

Town of Somers Resolution passed August 15, 2014

Putnam County Resolution Regarding AIM Project and Notification of Blowdowns passed October 15, 2014

Yorktown Spectra Algonquin Pipeline Resolution passed September 2, 2014

North Salem Town Board Algonquin Incremental Market Pipeline Expansion Resolution passed February 10. 2015