Indian Point Risk Assessment

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Rep. Jones letter to Secretary Buttigieg and PHMSA – July 28, 2021

Indian Point Spent Fuel Fire Maps_Article_Alvarez Cesium_PHMSA Pipeline Graph_Calcs 

NYS Senator Shelley Mayer letter to the NRC – June 18, 2020

Bongar Rosmarin Weininger Williams letter to PSC re Notifications to PHMSA  – April 21, 2020

Assemblymembers Buchwald and Galef letter to DOT OIG – April 17, 2020

Paul Blanch letter to Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General – April 8, 2020

PSC letter to FERC and NRC – March 26, 2020 

Paul Blanch letter to David Skeen, NRC, re Concerns Pertaining to Gas Transmission Lines at Indian Point – March 23, 2020

PSC John Rhodes ltr to NRC and FERC chairs – March 9, 2020 

Natural gas firms scale up conversion of methane from animals (and humans) – March 9, 2020 

Sen. Peter Harckham letter to FERC to shut down Algonquin gas at Indian Point – March 8, 2020 

Paul Blanch statement on Chair Svinicki statement to US Senate EPW committee – March 4, 2020 

Statement on NRC Inspector General Report on Failures of Indian Point Gas Pipeline Safety Assessment – March 2, 2020

Schumer, Gillibrand call for Independent Review of NRC Analysis following Report of Agency’s Failure to Properly Analyze Pipeline Risks at Indian Point
Damning NRC Inspector General Report Details Faulty Analysis that Led to Approval of Natural Gas Pipeline; Schumer, Gillibrand Had Originally Called For Independent Review – February 28, 2020

Sen. Chuck Schumer on social media:  “The Inspector General’s report on the NRC was outrageous. And showed malfeasance and manipulation to grease the skids to approve the unwanted AIM pipeline. We need an independent review of NRC’s methods, reevaluation of the pipeline’s safety, and NRC and FERC community meetings.” He included the link to the OIG letter and report – February 28, 2020

NRC Memo re Concerns of Gas Transmission Lines at Indian Point in NRC OIG report, reply in 45 days – February 24, 2020

Lowey: Nuclear Reg Commission Inspector General Report Reveals Dangerous Failings by Federal Agency – February 27, 2020

NRC Office of Inspector General report Concerns Pertaining to Gas Transmission Lines at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant confirming calculations used by NRC to claim Algonquin pipeline sited at Indian Point nuclear plant posed no additional risk were fabricated and far from accurate – February 13, 2020

Paul Blanch presentation on Pilgrim and Holtec’s plan for long term storage facility in Plymouth MA – January 16, 2020 

Updated pipeline closure statement from Dr. Irwin Redlener, Director, National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia in response to the NYS agencies letter to FERC and Executive Summary of risk assessment– September 7, 2018 

Letter from Paul Blanch to Governor Cuomo, Commissioners of DEC, DOH, DHS and PSC in response to Enbridge/Spectra letter to FERC regarding NYS agencies’ letter and Executive Summary – August 2018 

Letter from NYS Assembly Members Galef, Buchwald, Otis and Abinanti to FERC calling for action – July 24, 2018

Declaration from Paul Blanch, nuclear expert, to FERC in response to the NYS agencies letter to FERC and the Executive Summary of risk assessment – July 20, 2018  

Letter from Congresswoman Nita Lowey to FERC calling for action – July 18, 2018

Letter from Richard Kuprewicz, President of Accufacts, pipeline expert, to FERC in response to the NYS agencies letter to FERC and Executive Summary of risk assessment – July 11, 2018

NRDC re NYS Report: Significant Risks to AIM Pipeline – June 27, 2018

Riverkeeper statement regarding AIM pipeline/Indian Point risk assessment – June 22, 2018

NYS agencies letter to FERC calling for action regarding newly released risk assessment of the Algonquin pipeline at Indian Point – June 22, 2018

Algonquin Incremental Market Pipeline Risk Analysis Report – Executive Summary – June 22, 2018

Accompanying letter to Town Boards April 2018

Municipal Risk Assessment Resolution – March 2018

Galef letter to Cuomo re Risk Assessment – January 19, 2018

Alleged Violations of Federal and State Regulations Related to the Design, Construction, and Operation of the AIM Gas Transmission Pipeline (Paul M. Blanch) – Attached

FOILed copy of Entergy’s gas line analysis – October 12, 2016

Anti-fracking group accuses Cuomo of yielding to pipeline lobbyists – October 4, 2016

Cuomo administration backed away from pipeline nuclear safety study after lobbying blitz – October 4, 2016

Paul Blanch Declaration (affidavit) – September 21, 2016

NYS HDR Risk Analysis Work Order – September 9, 2016

PHMSA Response to FOIA request for risk assessment (March 2016) – Attached

NYS four agencies letter to FERC to Reconsider 2015 Order of AIM at Indian Point in order to conduct an immediate independent safety risk analysis – February 29, 2016

Paul Blanch Allegation of Wrongdoing by NRC staff ltr to NRC Office of Inspector General – February 25, 2016  

Indian Point Nuclear Facility: What is an Independent Risk Assessment, by Paul Blanch