Legislators aim to stop pipeline project

New12 Westchester

BUCHANAN – There’s a last ditch effort being waged to prevent a controversial gas pipeline project from going ahead in the Hudson Valley.

Several Hudson Valley legislators and residents are asking the EPA to reconsider work permits granted to Spectra Energy.

At a rally in Buchanan yesterday, the group claimed the plan is too dangerous and is a threat to the environment.

The project would replace 20 miles of existing Algonquin pipeline running from Rockland to Westchester with a new one nearly twice as large in diameter. “We demand more studies and [that] there’s a more serious look at the potential health concerns, at the potential environmental concerns, at the potential economic concerns. At the county Board of Legislators, we are also very concerned about the desecration of our beautiful blue Mountain Reservation,” says Westchester County Board of Legislator Catherin Borgia (D).

Legislators are also urging the state to adopt a temporary freeze on the issuing of further pipeline work permits.

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